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Petition Filed To Impeach Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza

Petition Filed To Impeach Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza


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The Meru County Assembly has received a petition seeking to initiate impeachment proceedings against embattled Governor Kawira Mwangaza.

On Thursday afternoon, the petition was delivered to the Clerk of the Assembly by constitutional activist Salesio Thuranira.

The petition is being examined by the legal team to determine whether it fits the necessary criteria, according to Meru Assembly Clerk Jacob Kirari.

Mr. Thuranira urges the Assembly to start the impeachment process, claiming that there are enough reasons to remove Governor Mwangaza from office, according to the petition obtained by The Nation.


Ms. Mwangaza and members of the Meru County Assembly are at odds over who will get what share of the incoming administration's ward development fund and bursary kitty.

The nomination of Mr. Francis Mungai as the general manager of the Meru County Revenue Board, according to Mr. Thuranira, was made in violation of the revenue board laws.


In his appeal, he claims that "this was in violation of section six of the Meru Revenue Board Act, 2014, which mandates that such appointments must go via a competitive procedure and be subject to the approval by the County Assembly."


He also mentions an instance in which the governor gave her husband, Murega Baicu, a task to do despite the fact that he was not a state authority.

According to him, "Governor Kawira Mwangaza said on her Facebook page on September 11, 2022, that she is not prepared to collaborate with other politicians because she is an independent Governor.

Mr. Thuranira contends that the introduction of Ms. Mwangaza's cabinet violated both section 35 of the county government act and article 27 of the constitution.



He continues by saying that Mr. Rufus Miriti's nomination as county secretary violates section 44 of the County Governments Act.


According to the statute, the county assembly must approve the county secretary's appointment via a competitive process. In the previous administration, Mr. Miriti also served as county secretary.


The governor, according to the activist, declared the owners of the land where the Igoji Meru Youth Service Center is situated to be "thieves."

He continues, "On October 19, 2022, Governor Kawira Mwangaza stormed the County Assembly of Meru Chambers with goons and dishonored the honorable chamber, a confession she made via a news conference at the County headquarters.


Additionally, Governor Mwangaza is charged with publicly shaming Mwenda Ithili of Akithii and instigating the community to turn against the honorable member.


Other justifications include the governor's husband attending official events and hiring two sisters, a son-in-law, and a cousin for various jobs.

He wants the governor to be called in to explain the claims and the petition to be treated as urgent.


The County Governments Act states that a resolution for impeachment cannot be introduced on the floor of the house unless at least a third of the members support it. A majority of the county assembly's members must support the proposal in order for it to move forward.


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