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This Is What Will Happen Now That Queen Elizabeth Has Passed Away

This Is What Will Happen Now That Queen Elizabeth Has Passed Away

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Qeen Elizabeth passed away on Thursday at 96, ending a 70-year reign. She was the world’s longest-serving monarch.

Following her death, here is what to expect in the ten days between Queen Elizabeth II’s death and her funeral.

Her Majesty’s private secretary Sir Edward Young will convey the news to prime minister Liz Truss via the code words “London Bridge is down.”

After the Prime Minister had been alerted, the news went out to the 15 governments where the Queen was still head of state, including Jamaica, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Canada, and the Bahamas. After that, officials in the 38 other nations in the Commonwealth were alerted to the news.

A footman dressed in black pinned an official notice to the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Gun salutes arranged by the Ministry of Defence will also take place, and a minute’s silence will be announced.

Truss, as prime minister, was the first government member to make a statement on Her Majesty’s death.

Flags were lowered to half-mast, and Prince Charles unofficially became king immediately upon Elizabeth’s death. He is expected to make his first speech as head of state as early as this evening, though that has not been formally announced.

The next day Charles will be officially proclaimed a king at 10 a.m. by the “accession council,” and then he’ll meet with the prime minister and other important government officials. At that point, he’ll presumably be briefed on things that only his mother was previously privy to.

He’ll then undertake a tour of the U.K., stopping in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales to attend services. While that takes place, Westminster Hall will be prepped for Elizabeth’s funeral.

Four days after Elizabeth’s death, Buckingham Palace will be a procession to Westminster Hall. Elizabeth will lie in the state for four days.

On the day of the Queen’s funeral, which will be D-Day+10, a state funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey, and there will be a national day of mourning.

A two-minute silence will also be held across the U.K at midday.

Two thousand guests, largely heads of state, will attend in person. The funeral will be broadcast globally.

Following the funeral, the Queen will be interred at Windsor Castle’s King George VI Memorial Chapel.

Elizabeth is expected to be buried next to her late husband, Prince Philip, and her father, King George VI.

The most important thing to note is that the Queen died at Balmoral; her body will first lie in Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, before being carried up the Royal Mile to St. Giles’s Cathedral. Afterward, it will be put on the Royal to return to London. The BBC will also cancel all comedy shows for 12 days following her death.

And, of course, the words to the national anthem have now been changed to “God Save the King.”


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