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Politician Gladys Chania skips burial of slain husband

Politician Gladys Chania skips burial of slain husband

By News Linah Mwangi

Gladys Chania, a politician in Kiambu County and the main suspect in the death of her husband George Mwangi, sent a message about their 24 years of marriage but did not attend his burial in Mangu.

In her letter, Ms. Chania expressed her sorrow over the passing of her family-oriented spouse while remembering their happy times together over their 24 years of marriage.


‘’It has been 24 years since the day we settled together on a Sunday 25th April 1998. I thank God for the way you cared for our family day in day out,” said Mrs Chania her condolence message read on her behalf by a family member.

Ms. Chania continued by describing her husband as loving and caring while acknowledging that their marriage has its ups and downs.

“We had our ups and downs, just like any other family, but each day we kept our love for one another by reminding ourselves of how far we had come, she added.

 Mrs. Chania continued by lamenting the loss of the guy she loved and pleading with him to rest in peace, stating it would be difficult to fill the emptiness left behind.

“For now that you have left us untimely, we shall try to fill in your shoes but it’s already difficult to fill them…. rest in peace my love, the father to my children,” she said.

The ceremony was marked by requests for prompt investigations to identify and apprehend the killers of the secretive billionaire who operated his Double M International company in Kigali, Rwanda.

Mwangi's death was attributed to a blow to the head, according to the autopsy results.

 In the master bedroom of the three-bedroom property, according to the police, blood stains were found.

The body of Mwangi is said to have been discarded in Kieni Forest, Kiambu County, after being killed in his home, wrapped in a polythene bag, and transferred there.

Morris Mbugua, a casual worker at Mwangi's residence, was also detained in connection with his murder.

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