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Opinion: Leading gaming Firm and Local Authorities are Pushing Out Rivals from the Market

Opinion: Leading gaming Firm and Local Authorities are Pushing Out Rivals from the Market

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Kenya's state coffers are empty, yet gaming companies that contribute Ksh20 billion shillings to the National budget, provide 55,000 jobs, and contribute to the fight coronavirus pandemic are being forced out by unethical and unfair practices led by a leading firm in the industry under the watch of local authorities. 

The global economy received the strongest blow during the coronavirus pandemic crisis, to which almost no branch of the economy was resistant. Companies in the gaming industry saw a 90 percent drop in turnover then. Still, employees did not have to worry about financial stability because their jobs remained secure, and salaries were paid regularly.

Kenya today is on the verge of becoming an undesirable environment for investors because this leading gaming company has put its interests before the state. The affairs the firm has been trying to carry out in the past days are not a joke; 55,000 people working in this gaming industry are scared for their jobs. Instead of progress, individuals persistently try to destroy what sustains Kenya's economic stability and labor market even in times of crisis.

Investors, you are not welcome! Is that the message Kenya needs to send to the world? It is in the personal interests of individuals; we are unable to receive the millions that companies would pour into the empty state coffers.

Instead of the progress of the entire country, the gaming company is persistently trying to destroy what sustains economic stability and the labor market in Kenya, even in times of crisis. The procedure currently taking place is scandalous - to prevent some companies from extending their licenses and continuing to work in the market. In this affair surrounding the fixing of permits, the stability of the economy in the country is also being hindered, all because of the domestic lobby in the background trying to remove the competition and take over the business unfairly.

Who is behind all these shenanigans, and who is trying to sabotage the work of a socially responsible company? We will find out on Monday when the meeting for renewing licenses is scheduled.

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