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From Juba to the World - Dynamq Is Now Conquering the Reggae Industry

From Juba to the World - Dynamq Is Now Conquering the Reggae Industry

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Dynamq is a reggae selector and music selector based in the USA. Viral News sat down with for an exclusive One on One Interview.

1. Who is Dynamq? Briefly tell us about your real names, upbringing, early life and schooling. 

My names are Kennedy O. Lorya, born in Juba, Sudan which is now Juba, South Sudan. I grew up around a musical family and went to Rituta HGM primary school in Nairobi. I always loved music was also part of the church choir. Played a lot of football because my dad was an official fifa match official  as well. Other than that, I am Just a ghetto youth trying to make it in life. 

2. How did you end up in Nairobi and how was life in the city for you initially? 

My mother was involved in a plane crash in Juba and they had to fly her to Nairobi where she was hospitalized at the Kenyatta National Hospital for 3 years. This was back then during the war in Sudan then years later we joined her in Nairobi which became our second home right before I went to the refugee camp called Ifo in Dadaab.

3. You sing so passionately about the city in your popular hit NAIROBI. What was going through your mind when composing the song? 

This song was a way of reminding people of a love that saved my family from war, not only my family but a lot of refugees. Nairobi of today is not like how it used to be, yes things were rough but we looked out for each other a lot. Also Nairobi taught me a lot about life in general. If you can make it in Nairobi you can make it anywhere in the world. Also I wanted to highly the rich sound system reggae culture in Nairobi. I made sure I mentioned some of the founding reggae sounds and also those who played a big role in pushing reggae. 

4. How did you end up becoming a reggae DJ? Was this what you wanted to be while growing up? And why reggae? 

Reggae is the type of music that heals, I’ve always wanted to be a DJ and an artist at the same time. I thank God that I’m doing that now and it has taken me all over the world. Reggae is love. 

5. Who would you say has influenced your life so much and why? 

My mother for sure, just seeing her go through pain and she still stood firm was so inspiring to me. She’s my queen. She taught me respect and appreciation for everything in life, good or bad because not everyone is privileged to have what we did which was life it self.  

6. How did you end up in the US and how was it for you initially?

We came through a refugee resettlement program, it was tough because the process took place in the refugee camps which had thousands of others refugees. I thank God we were the chosen few and now that I’m abroad I make sure I take full advantage of my time in the US because I’m just here to learn and move back home. 

7. Is the US the land of milk and honey as most portray it? 

US has its advantages and disadvantages like everywhere else but truly the opportunities are many. You could work as a dish washer and literally buy a house if you save up good. It’s a land for you to take advantage of the opportunities.

8. Your brand Dynamq and Sound System Dynamq Sounds International have grown in leaps and bounds, how has that been? Challenges? Wins? 

I’ve always believed in my self but then journey has been so crazy. So many sleepless nights and struggles, so many closed doors and so many loses but my eyes were always on the prize. I’ve met so many amazing people in the industry who are now my close friends like Busy Signal who I produced a few tracks for, Wayne wonder, Everton Blender, Tony Rebel, Bounty Killee just to name a few.

9. You have been booked for big shows but which is that one show that you will always be grateful for and be happy that you got the chance to feature in? And why? 

Rototom Sunsplash was that show, I mean honestly that’s a very unfair question but I’ll give you 5 big shows, Rototom because it had over 70K people, Jamrock Cruise because i got to clash in front of the Marley family and other big reggae stars, Rebel Salute which was probably one of my biggest highlights which streamed worldwide and while streaming we had over a million viewers watching at once, last night not least US Rumble 2018 where I killed 6 sounds by my self, it’s called a lock off where you kill them so bad that they crowd asked them to stop playing and lock off their laptops. I could go on but those stand out for me.

10. Despite creating a new and better life in the US, you have stayed true to your roots and you were recently back in South Sudan for a music festival. Tell us about that

 Ruka Festival, My heart is always in South Sudan and I wanted to do a festival for our own people. It featured over 40 south Sudanese musicians and it was amazing, it’s a growing process and we all understand that. Now every other state in South Sudan wants to host the festival because it brought our many people from out of the country, the idea is to bring tourism to the country. 

11. What would be your word of advice to the young talented kids in South Sudan, Kenya and the rest of the world that are eager to emulate you and achieve what you have so far? 

It’s very simple, trust your journey. If you don’t believe in yourself nobody else will. Anything is possible with God and faith. 

12. Tell us about your family life. Married? Kids? If not, any plans for that? 

I have an 8 yr old son, I don’t have a wife yet but soon inshallah. I want to have a family for sure. 

13. What next for Dynamq as far as your career is concerned? Plans? 

For now I’m recoding a lot and doing my usual sound clash. I’m currently back in South Sudan relaxing with family and finishing my EP. I have a few songs playing out there, Dugu Lugara Ft Franko, Lilbeen and General Paulino is doing really good the music video is on YouTube. I have another song called Gelba Waja. Ft Irene Toss and Rocky J. I’m in good spirits and well motivated to make more new music and spend more time in Africa where I get my best inspiration.

14.Anything else you'd like to say?

I just want to say thank you to all those who have been with me from day one. I have a lot coming your way soon and also I’m the ambassador of the South Sudan National football team we can’t wait to open our new stadium in juba. It’s going to be historic because my new song Dugu Lugara will be the theme song for the national team.






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