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If you date a Kisii, you'll leave Samidoh! Fan warn Karen Nyamu

If you date a Kisii, you'll leave Samidoh! Fan warn Karen Nyamu


Karen Nyamu

After a prolonged dry season, the city of Nairobi and many other parts of Kenya received much-needed rainfall, much to the delight of its residents. 

Many people took to social media to express their joy, including nominated senator Karen Nyamu, who made a lighthearted comment about meeting someone from the Abagusii community with dust in their shoes despite the rain.

"Na hii mvua yote nimepatana na mkisii viatu ziko na vumbi tao 😂Thank you for rain🤗🤗" Nyamu joked, ending with laughing emojis.

However, her comment sparked backlash from some members of the Abagusii community, who responded with jokes and jabs at the politician.

Some even suggested that she should date a Kisii man to gain their respect and escape her current relationship.

"You need a Kisii person to treat you until you leave that policeman(Samiidoh). Kisii people do not pamper people when it comes to 'things like that'. To be honest, if you have never dated a Kisii, we believe you are a virgin," said one commenter, Ondimu Ngare.

Despite the criticism, many Nairobi residents continue to celebrate the arrival of the long-awaited rainfall.

Karen Nyamu Samidoh
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