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US-Based Kenyan Model Rachel Mbuki announces divorce from Mzungu hubby

US-Based Kenyan Model Rachel Mbuki announces divorce from Mzungu hubby


Rachel Mbuki

Kenyan model and TV host Rachel Mbuki has announced the end of her marriage with her Mzungu husband Litvishkova.

The US-based celebrity shared the news on her Instagram page, stating that ending a marriage is a challenging time. 

She expressed regret in announcing the decision to end the marriage, saying that she and her husband had come to the tough decision to separate and file for divorce.

However, Mbuki did not disclose the reason for the divorce.

Mbuki acknowledged the difficulties of marriage and appealed for privacy as she navigates the divorce process. 

She thanked her close friends and family for their support during this time, acknowledging that her announcement may come as a shock to her followers who were too invested in their relationship.

Mbuki ended her statement by expressing hope that she could continue to count on their love and support as she transitions to this new phase in her life.

The divorce announcement comes months after Mbuki's husband surprised her with a Sh10 million Porsche Cayenne. 

Mbuki had shared a post on her Instagram page, thanking her husband for the gift and expressing her love for him.

However, it is not clear whether this was before or after the decision to end their marriage.

 Fans and followers have expressed their support for Mbuki during this difficult time, sending messages of love and encouragement as she goes through the divorce process.

Rachel Mbuki
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