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TikTok Star Njoki Murira shares earnings of 3.4 Million in 5 months

TikTok Star Njoki Murira shares earnings of 3.4 Million in 5 months


TikTok Star Njoki Murira

Njoki Murira, a popular TikTok content creator, has disclosed that she has made Ksh 3.4 million in the last five months through the video-creating platform.

The revelation came during a Q&A segment with her Instagram followers when a netizen inquired about her income from the app.

Njoki shared a screenshot from her app, indicating her gift revenue, where she had accumulated over 6.8 diamonds.

The TikTok diamonds are "gifts/presents" followers and fans send you, which are then converted to money.

Njoki has been a TikToker for one year now and has been streaming for only five months.

She highlighted that one can make money both directly from the app and also from working with brands and companies.

Furthermore, she revealed that she made her first million at the age of 19 while working with a company in Norway as a sentry.

Njoki's rise to fame was by chance, and she says fortune favored her.

She used to sell mtush and posted TikTok videos during her free time because TikTok is all about having fun.

After one of her videos trended, she became a hit, gaining over 2.3 million followers in just a year.

Njoki is known for her enormous behind that she has no issue showing off and her kienyeji energy.

She posts videos of herself in the village and doing funny dances.

Her account is relatively new, as her previous account was banned.

TikTok Star Njoki Murira
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