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Prezzo opens up about losing his dad, regrets extravagant wedding

Prezzo opens up about losing his dad, regrets extravagant wedding



Rapper Prezzo, real name Jackson Ngechu, has recently shared some personal stories during an appearance on Cate Rira's podcast.

One of the things he talked about was losing his father at a young age, which he said made him mature quickly.

"Losing my dad at an early age made me become a man at an early age. I always felt the need to protect my mum, she is also beautiful and I had to fight some battles for her.

One of my uncles played a very big role in bringing me up, were it not for him I would be a loose cannon," he said.

Prezzo also had some strong words for women who use their children as leverage to keep their fathers away.

He encouraged mutual understanding between co-parents, saying that nothing can change the fact that they share a child.

Moving on to his personal life, the musician expressed regret over the extravagant wedding he had with his ex-wife Daisy Jematia Kiplagat in 2008, which reportedly cost Ksh 4.6 million.

Prezzo said that he wished he had listened to his mother's advice of creating a committee to support him financially.

"You live and you learn life teaches you about some things and you say if I could do it again I would do some things differently. I would go to the Attorney General's office with my brother Steve as a witness," he said.

Despite the ups and downs in his personal life, Prezzo is still active in his work. He revealed that he works with Makini Herbal Clinic, a company founded by his father before he was born.

"I go to the office like three times a week. I came to appreciate it because it has made me achieve a lot of things," he said.

Prezzo's candid and honest sharing on the podcast has earned him praise from fans who appreciate his willingness to open up about personal struggles and lessons learned.

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