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Kiss TV gets shut down due to low advertising revenue

Kiss TV gets shut down due to low advertising revenue


Kiss TV

The news of the closure of Kiss TV, a station owned by Radio Africa, has sent shockwaves across the media industry.

This move is not only a blow to the employees of the station but also to the viewers who have been following the channel.

According to an internal memo from the Group COO dated March 17, 2023, the TV department has been unable to generate any revenue despite efforts to turn the station around, and as a result, it will be shut down with immediate effect.

It's not easy to say goodbye to something that has been part of the media landscape for years.

Kiss TV has been a popular station since it was launched, and it has provided entertainment, information, and education to millions of viewers over the years.

Its shutdown is a significant loss to the media industry, and the country at large.

The decision to close down Kiss TV was not an easy one.

It was a culmination of many factors, including declining viewership, low advertising revenue, and stiff competition from other stations.

Despite the concerted efforts of the management and employees to revive the station, it was not able to break even, and the decision to shut it down became inevitable.

Kiss TV
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