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Kenyan Creatives Demand Fair Recognition and Compensation - Dennis Itumbi

Kenyan Creatives Demand Fair Recognition and Compensation - Dennis Itumbi


Dennis Itumbi

Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi has called on the government to acknowledge the contributions of creatives in Kenya.

In a recent statement, Itumbi highlighted the struggles that many artists face in making a living from their craft despite serving millions of people across the country.

He also pointed out that the slow decision-making process of policymakers has resulted in foreign films bypassing Kenya, with even the country's best stories being filmed in South Africa.

Itumbi has been appointed to the Talanta Hela Council to help ensure that artists in Kenya benefit from their talents.

He will be working on a national strategy for the Creative Economy, encompassing various sectors such as film, music, art, poetry, photography, and gaming.

He sees this as an opportunity to connect ideas to reality and is eager to support and serve the creative community.

Along with other members, Itumbi will serve for three years, helping to approve the necessary policy, legislative, budgetary, and institutional frameworks for the successful implementation of the Talanta Hela Initiative.

Itumbi's passion for helping creatives is clear and he is determined to deliver on his promise of serving and ensuring that the artists in Kenya receive the recognition and compensation they deserve.

Dennis Itumbi
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