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Controversial Blogger Andrew Kibe's wedding turned chaotic, says officiating Pastor

Controversial Blogger Andrew Kibe's wedding turned chaotic, says officiating Pastor


Andrew Kibe

The pastor who officiated the wedding of former radio presenter and controversial blogger, Andrew Kibe, has spoken out about the chaotic wedding, while absolving himself from any blame for the failed marriage.

Pastor Daniel Wabala, responding to claims that he forced Kibe into marriage, said Kibe had already introduced his future wife to his mother before seeking his counsel.

“As his pastor, I advised him accordingly, not forced him,” said Pastor Wabala.

He went on to reveal that Kibe’s wedding eventually turned chaotic even before the bride and groom tied the knot.

“I advised him to follow his heart and the will of God. I encouraged him and not forced him. Later on the wedding day, the family showed up on a Friday at Langata shopping mall where Faith Chapel and Flamekeepers premise was. I was to officiate the wedding but as it would be during the service, the family turned wild and chairs began flying,” said Pastor Wabala.

Kibe, who now lives in the United States, had previously claimed that his pastors forced him to marry.

He said that before that, he had been compelled to fast for three days before picking his wife. Kibe eventually divorced his wife and has since confessed to having been with many women at the time.

“I woke up from my marriage in 2016 and was like this marriage thing is not for me. I messed up when I was too young. Yeah, yeah, I had too many women,” he said.

Kibe blamed himself for failing to shut down his pastors when they began walking him down the path to marriage.

He claimed another pastor asked him to fast for three days then directed him to a woman that God intended for him to marry.

Kibe was once a pastor and even attempted politics but failed at the Constituency level.

It remains to be seen whether Kibe will respond to the latest claims made by Pastor Wabala.

However, one thing is clear - the controversial blogger's wedding was far from the fairy tale event that he had hoped for.

Andrew Kibe
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