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Betty Kyallo talks about new boyfriend and plans for a low-key wedding

Betty Kyallo talks about new boyfriend and plans for a low-key wedding


Betty Kyallo

Media personality Betty Kyallo has finally opened up about moving on after her break-up with lawyer Nick Ndeda. Speaking at the launch of her new business on Wednesday, Betty revealed that she has been dating a new man for a year, whom she has kept away from the public eye.

Betty expressed her desire to keep her relationship private this time around, saying that she doesn't want to expose her partner to unnecessary attention.

She also revealed that she plans to have a small wedding ceremony with her new partner, as she believes love is about two people.

"I feel like this time I want to do things differently. I just want to date on the down-low because this thing of exposing a partner leads to problems. I want to keep it a secret till we decide that it is time to get married," she said.

Betty also spoke about her daughter Ivanna's desire to have siblings, and revealed that she plans to make her daughter's wish come true soon.

In her reality show, Kyallo Culture, Betty admitted to regretting posting too much about her love life in the past, saying that it led to issues in her relationship.

"We would post a lot of things when we were on honeymoons and life continued. Things started coming up immediately after our honeymoon.

One thing after another with the family and after some time, I started feeling like that was not the life I signed up for and we started having issues and after some time, I decided this is not working," she said.

Betty's fans and followers are excited to see what the future holds for her and her new partner, and wish her all the best in her new relationship.

Betty Kyallo
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